Monday, 16 November 2015

Tall Girl Problems

Thought I could kick start this off with a bit of rant as there are sooo many posts out there about the problems that small girls have but what about us weirdly tall girls?! I mean come on, there are some of us out there.

I have always had the problem of being tall, literally all my life and I am currently 5ft10 which some people say isn't that tall but apparently, it's the average height for a UK man and I am 100% sure that I am female, which brings me onto the first problem of boys! I can't be the only girl that struggles to find a decent boy that is remotely good looking that's actually taller than me right? You see all these 'relationship goals' on Facebook of cute couples where the girl has to stand on her tip toes to kiss the boy yet you get me who is lucky to find a boy who can actually look me in the eyes instead of my chin, so yoo hooo calling all tall boys, where you at?!

The second MAJOR problem is clothes, like it was just the other day I had to specially order my work jeans online because they don't do 34inch legs in Newlook because they seem to be the only jeans that can actually fit my waist and bum in as well, it's a nightmare. I actually have to buy things like joggers, trackies and hoodies in the men's department because they fit so much better but it's quite embarrassing at times! Plus in past relationships, I can't look real cute in boys clothes because they actually fit perfectly instead of being stupidly big because I'm more like Hagrid than a smurf.. And don't even get me started on dresses and skirts! You can be walking through clothes shops and see a really cute dress but as soon as you try it on, it looks more like a long top, it's a hard life.

Yeah I get that we can reach the top shelves, can see in big crowds especially concerts but have you ever had the problem of hitting your head on a cupboard or the ceiling light because you're too tall? Well I have and I tell you now, it hurts, a lot. It does get really annoying when we're the only ones that are expected to get everything from the shelves and asked if we can put people on our shoulders and just stupid things like that which people seem to take for granted.

So to all you little short girls out there, please calm it with the little comments like 'ooo I wish I was your height', 'I love your long legs', 'I wish I was taller' and 'You never get the problems like I do' because WE DO HAVE PROBLEMS TOO!

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