Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Deployment Time!

Ok so, the absolute rubbish from deployment with my boyfriend has started already. His flight dates have been changed so many times, the plan for while he is out there has also been changed ridiculous amounts of time and anything I'm told now, I just take with a pinch of salt.

Trying to deal with a boyfriend flying to the other side of the world for ten weeks where I know I'm hardly going to be able to speak to him, while dealing with a dissertation due date in TWO (!) days and then four other assignments to be completed in a month and a part time job is so stressful right now and I can tell you now, I definitely would not recommend it. I mean, I wouldn't change my boyfriend, job or degree for the world because I love all three but it's so horrible. I'm literally counting down the days to everything and I'm so happy I fly out to Spain for a week for my 21st on Sunday because I think I deserve a break!

While I've been researching ways to try and deal with deployment, I've noticed that there is literally nothing on army girlfriends, because in the army, unless you have a ring on it, you're just another civilian and that feels pretty terrible. I'll always be the last to know anything no matter what, and its literally putting pressure on so much. Don't get me wrong, we've both done our best we can to prepare for it. We've spent two weeks together, been on dates, stayed away for a few days, he bought me birthday presents (seriously spoilt me), we've written each other 'open when' letters and I may have stolen some of his clothes... but I still do not feel prepared for it at all.

I guess we just take it a day at a time and hope it flies by, keep myself distracted and make new memories and plans for when he does come home.

I'll try to keep my blog updated in between my hectic life and look forward to and end of deployment blog post!

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