Thursday, 22 September 2016

Harry Potter Tag

I have a confession, I am guilty for being a complete Harry Potter geek, I love it! I have all the books including the new script, the films, clothing and I may have the Slytherin robes fancy dress🙈
So of course, after spotting this tag, I just had to do it.

  1. Who is your favourite character? This is hard because it changes in every film but Ron is definitely one of my favourites, some of the things he comes out with are just hilarious.
  2. Which is your favourite book? I think I have to say The Deathly Hallows except the ending, I wish we could've had more of an insight to their kids lives at Hogwarts and the amount of amazing characters dying in it is something I hate.
  3. Which is your least favourite book? The Goblet of Fire, just doesn't seem to have much of a point to it, seems more like a filler book.
  4. Which character is most like you? I honestly have no idea, I feel like I'm a mixture of a lot of different characters but I'm guilty for taking quizzes and apparently I'd make an amazing Slytherin.
  5. If you could spend a day as a witch in Hogwarts, what would you do? I would actually need a time turner to be able to do everything I want which is literally everything I could think of. Quidditch and Hogsmede would definitely be my first stops!
  6. What is your favourite spell? The Patronus Charm, I'd love to know what my Patronus would be and I think it's so cute that it's the most sentimental spell and you have to think happy thoughts to cast it.
  7. Is there anything you would change about the plot? BRING BACK DOBBY AND DUMBLEDORE
  8. Where were you when you started reading The Philosophers Stone for the first time? I actually can't remember, I have read it that many times.
  9. Cho was Harry’s first kiss; who would your first kiss be at Hogwarts? Draco Malfoy or Seamus Finnagan, I have a weird attraction to him.
  10. Finally, is there anyone in reality you’d love to cast a slug puking spell on? Oh I have a very very long list😂😂

I love the films and the books, I'm definitely a die hard Potterhead. I've also been to Harry Potter World on London and I would LOVE to go to the American one, they are my favourites.

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