Tuesday, 6 December 2016

#Blogmas Day 1

Ok so I know I'm dropping in slightly late to #Blogmas and I am very sorry for that but fasten your seatbelts and be prepared for 6 days worth of posts in 1!

So Day 1's post will be about how much I love advent calendars!!! Lucky me, in my old job before I left, I managed to get an advent calendar from the boss as our Christmas Menu staff meeting present where we got a calendar and a selection box which was really cute of them. Although, I completely forgot I had this until I found it in my wardrobe and after having a little strop to my Mum saying that 20 is definitely NOT too old for an advent calendar when she happily bought my 25 year old brother one last year. So of course, she gave in and I am now the proud owner of two advent calendars, a Tesco special and the standard Cadbury one! I honestly tried to persuade my Mum that she'd be my most favourite person in the whole wide world and I'd love her millions and trillions if she got me one of those amazing beauty calendars but she wasn't having any of it so I may have to look into purchasing one for myself next year.

I'm not entirely sure why I love them so much, I guess it's the excitement of opening a door each day for the countdown to Christmas because lets face it, if you don't get excited on the countdown to Christmas, you're either too old of a big old scrooge. It's also a nice treat to get a chocolate every day when I am trying my hardest to be back onto the healthy eating so I don't manage to pile on 1032789487192 stone over Christmas like it happens every year..

So guys, are you too old for an advent calendar? If not, which is your favourite and which ones do you have?

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