Thursday, 22 December 2016

#Blogmas Day 22

Ok so it's 3 days until Christmas and I am getting unbelievably excited!!

Knowing that I usually get quite a lot of clothes for presents or I buy myself a lot in the sales (because who can resist the sneaky sales), I decided I would be a good egg and clear out my wardrobe. It literally took two minutes before I regretted it.

I'm one of those girls that will open their wardrobe, it be rammed full but still have nothing to wear so stick to the same four outfits that are in different shades of black, blue and grey. Even though my bedroom is a mix of white, pale yellow, blue and pink, I hate colour, always have done. So having to say goodbye to my trusty old black tshirts, blue skirts and grey dresses was a hard time, tears were shed, goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend.

But now, I have slightly more room for any new clothes I acquire, which I already know I'm getting four dresses, some knee high boots, two jumpers and some underwear (I'm at that age where NO ONE is aloud to pick my clothes except me, because it's practically social suicide, like I pick my Mum's clothes for her, imagine her picking mine, the horror!).

I've also had a good clean in my room and got rid of a hoard of bottles (who isn't guilty for this), random bits of paper and other little bits of junk that I have no idea why I kept. So now, I feel all prepared for Christmas and now my room is nice and tidy and clear, I'm getting even more excited for Christmas Day.

Does anyone else do a huge clear out before Christmas or am I the only prepared one?

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