Sunday, 18 December 2016

#Blogmas Day 18

I know, I have been absolutely terrible with keeping up to date with this #Blogmas but I have been ridiculously busy, so I'm sorry!!

Also, it's a week until Christmas! I am so unbelievably excited. My Mum decided to be adorable the other day and gave me a Christmas present early, to try and cheer me up a bit as I've been a bit down the past few days and now I am the proud owner of a unicorn onesie!! She is definitely the best.

Todays post will be about winter skin care. Being allergic to pretty much everything that touches my skin, it's really hard to keep on top of everything especially in winter so I usually just wash my face with soap and a flannel in the bath/shower and use make up wipes or baby wipes with a bit of moisturiser when I'm in a rush.

When I do have more time, I do have my main go to products that I know my skin is ok with and I love.

No 7 makeup wipes are my saviour! I thought I would be allergic to them but it turns out I am not so now I literally use them for everything. They're so soft and gentle on my skin and leave your face feeling baby soft as well.

No 7 Essential Moisturiser Day Cream, another saviour literally all year round. My Mum first got me this one Christmas because it's in the sensitive range and as I was fine with the face wipes and was in desperate need of a nice face moisturiser, I gave it a try. This is perfect for my skin type, sorts out all dry skin problems especially in winter pretty much straight away without leaving your skin feeling greasy and horrible and another plus that I'm not allergic to it!

I think you've all got the point that I love No 7 now, it's my favourite skin care and makeup brand. The gentle cleanser and toner are something I don't use very often unless I have plenty of time on my hands or I'm having a pamper night because I'm yet to find a face mask I'm not allergic to. I do love these though, again they leave my skin feeling so soft and the toner isn't as harsh as others seem to be and the fact they are in a pretty pink colour. Finish these off with the moisturiser above and voila, soft soft skin.

At first, I wasn't so sure about this as I'm usually not great with Garnier products but a lot of my friends use it and I saw it in pound shop and thought I'd give it a try and now I love it. I try not to use it on my full face too much as it makes my cheeks itch a bitch but it is perfect for my eye makeup remover, especially when I have totally messed up on my eyeliner, put a bit of this on a cotton bud and perfect eyeliner in seconds. It removes it so quickly which is a definite plus compared to some makeup removers.

I got this product from my Mum originally, I had never used face scrubs because I couldn't find any that didn't sting or itch after but my Mum gave me this to use and I've used it for at least three years now. Even though I have to put moisturiser on after, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and nice and it smells gorgeous as well! It is pretty expensive, but you don't need to use a lot and it is definitely worth it.

I do use other little products here and there but these are the main ones that I stick to for my face. I am still trying to find a face mask product that I won't be allergic to, so if any of you have any recommendations, throw them my way!

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