Tuesday, 20 December 2016

#Blogmas Day 20

5 days until Christmas!!!

It gets to the point where you're looking through your cupboards for food to eat and your asking your family if you can eat it or if it's for Christmas which is probably the worst part of this time of year. But thinking of food, who's looking forward to Christmas Dinner?!

Every single Christmas for the 20 years I've been on this Earth, we've had Christmas dinner at my Mum and Dad's and I literally can't imagine having it anywhere else. It's a pretty straight forward one because we're a family of fussy eaters. My Mum is a vegetarian, my little brother practically is with only eating certain meats, me and my Dad don't really like veg except carrots and the only meat we properly like is chicken and my big brother will literally eat anything.

We usually have a chicken with stuffing already in, Mum usually gets a turkey as well even though I won't eat it, she usually gets a small ham joint as well which surprisingly is actually really nice. She makes a load of veg for her and my brothers, me and my Dad get carrots. We always have small roast potatoes cooked in goose fat which are literally heaven on a plate and of course, you can't forget Yorkshire puddings! Christmas dinner isn't real without a hoard of pigs in blankets, oh no, me and my little brother have this challenge every year of how many we can eat and we both managed 19 last year, game on bro! Mum always makes two types of gravy, the standard chicken/beef gravy for us and some weird stuff she eats along with cranberry sauce and boom, there you have it.

My parents don't really drink that much and we don't sit at a table to eat because we don't have a proper one and it's so hard with a 2 year old dog and a 6 month old puppy so we use my Grandparents huge garden table, all sit together with crackers and we all have a drink while the dogs sit and wait impatiently for theirs. Yes, our dogs get Christmas dinner too, they get leftovers and the bits we don't eat on the meat and they love it. They even get Christmas presents as well though..

This year, we have our Grandparents around too so hopefully nothing will go wrong or we'll all be having pudding for dinner!

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