Wednesday, 7 December 2016

#Blogmas Day 7

So today is going to be slightly different with a mix between my most recent New Look Haul following on from my amazing socks yesterday and a Christmas night out outfit!

Unfortunately for me, I'm lacking on the pennies front right now especially after switching jobs and having to pay out for Christmas presents but with New Look still having a massive sale from Black Friday, I thought I'd have a nosy. Lucky for me I found this gorgeous blue scuba Bardot dress which was only £10 and a definite new favourite of mine, it's definitely long enough too! I also found this long tie sleeve Bardot dress for only £9.99 also so I thought I'd treat myself and get it in black and khaki. The only bad thing is that with me being a lovely height of 5'10 (ridiculous, I know), they are pretty short on me but will still look great with a pair of leggings or thick black tights and to be honest, I have given up caring about shortness of dresses now.

And now, outfit time! I work in hospitality so having a weekend night off is definitely a novelty for me so when I got my rota for this week to find out I have Friday off, of course it's going to be a well needed girls night out! So after buying these dresses and raiding my wardrobe to dust off my going out clothes, I have put together a Christmas worthy night out outfit. This will include the blue dress, these black sandal heels (I know, huge heels at 5'10, I am brave), my trusty old tattoo choker and a standard black clutch bag (Yes, I like black).
Living in a small town, I don't need to worry much about the cold as it literally takes me about 5/10 minutes to get home from the place I always end up in which on the plus side is my new work place so guess who gets staff discount!! But this can obviously be paired with a pair of tights if you are worried about the cold.

Makeup wise - well for me, it's not much with having sensitive skin and eczema, I am literally allergic to everything. So, my makeup for the night will be a standard smokey eye with black eyeliner and a dark red or purple Mac lipstick to finish off.

Boom, let's go and get merry girls!

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