Tuesday, 6 December 2016

#Blogmas Day 4

Today's post is Christmas Gift Ideas!

Usually I will just ask my family and friends what they want and just get them it but last year I had a bit more money to play around with and decided to do something different for certain family members - My Mum, my Nanna and Brothers.

I know my Mum well, she is literally my best friend and I decided to do her a basket of her favourite things and some cute little gifts. It included:
  • A jar of her favourite coffee
  • Her favourite chocolate
  • A tin of shortbread
  • A Pandora Charm - a little thing going between us both, we both have a bracelet which we get each other a charm for things like Birthday's and Christmas
  • A little angel ornament for the garden - she is obsessed with garden ornaments
  • Red nail varnish - her favourite colour
  • A gift voucher for a massage at her favourite salon
  • A Christmas themed nail set
  • A Christmas vanilla snowman lip balm - which is more exciting that it sounds
  • Some fluffy socks
She loved it, it was basically like a stocking for her with some bigger presents and she said she loved seeing the thought and effort I'd put into it.

My Nanna is really hard to buy for every year so I did her a basket too. Hers included:
  • The special face cream she uses
  • Bubble Bath
  • Candles
  • Cath Kidston Baking set - she loves baking
  • A voucher to get her hair done
  • A tea set - a mug and teabags which came in a nice gift box
  • Her favourite perfume
Again, she loved it but she did tell me off for spending more than £10 on her, oops!

Big Brother:
I never seem to buy my big brother anything much especially as I don't see him that much anymore so he got a box as well:
  • Pack of Shots
  • A drinking game
  • Socks
  • A hugeeeeee mug
  • A hot chocolate cone set
  • A bottle of vodka
  • His favourite chocolate
I got a grunt and a thank you from him but my Mum told me he was asking where I got the idea from so mission accomplished.

Little Brother:
He was at the awkward stage of being in between ages of too old for toys but too young for anything majorly exciting, so I made him a box too:
  • Pack of shots
  • Socks and fluffy socks but his feet are massive so it's very hard to get socks for him!
  • A hot chocolate cone
  • A huge mug too
  • Guitar picks
  • Guitar strings
  • Favourite sweets
  • Christmas jumper
  • Tickets to a band he likes - this was a joint birthday present as well because his birthday is a month after Christmas
He squealed like a little girl and said thank you for like a million years.

These boxes are a good idea if you're stuck on a main present to get your family and you can do them at a budget quite easily as well going to places like B&M and pound shops where I got a lot of mine from, they're easy to do and most people will love the amount of thought that went into them.

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