Tuesday, 20 December 2016

#Blogmas Day 19

This did not post for some reason so here it is!

Day 19 is about Christmas nails!

Working in a pub, it's hard for me to have real nice pretty nails because they get damaged so easily so I normally stick to a plain colour and doing themes myself. Because it's Christmas and we have to dress up for Christmas Eve, I thought I'd mix up the normal plain colour and put a bit of glitter on it.

I love painting my nails, it also stops me from biting them as well. I have a huge collection which is mainly different shades of blue, green, grey and black with the odd red in it. I have a gorgeous black Mac nail varnish which I only bought a few weeks ago, it looks amazing alone but with it being Christmas, I used a gold glitter nail varnish that I got for Christmas last year which actually goes on like proper glitter. Instead of doing a proper pattern or anything like that - I'm a student and a barmaid not a nail artist - so I put the gold on my ring fingers and a little bit on my thumbs and middle fingers and it actually turned out to be pretty good.

I've been complimented on them a lot and asked where I've had them done and when I say I've done them myself, people have asked for me to do them.

They may not have special snowmen and Santa's on them but they're still snazzy enough to look like something has been done to them just for Christmas with just two simple nail varnishes and obviously the clear base and top coat.

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