Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year's Resolutions

First of all, Happy New Year everyone!

As much as I loved the idea of #Blogmas, I was way too busy this year to keep on top of it with work and everything but I still managed 14 posts and I do hope to do it properly next year.

Now, it's finally time to say goodbye to 2016 and leave all of that behind. It has been a mix year for me with some good and bad memories as usual but I've made some great good memories, met some amazing people, visited some fantastic places and now I enter 2017 with the best set of friends, family and aims that I need.

Which brings me to the New Year's resolutions. I know everyone says that 'new year, new me' spiel which I can tell you now I am not going to do because I will be the same sarcastic, food loving, slightly alcoholic comedian that everyone loves me as but I do have some big aims and goals for this year.
  1. Graduate!!! I am in my third year of a Business and Management degree, yikes, I know and this is my biggest aim of this year. I really want to graduate with a 2:1 or higher to help me gain access into the industry I want to be in.
  2. Leading on, using my degree, I aim to join an events management or marketing job. I'm not really sure how to go about this yet but of course I need to see my tutors.
  3. After having some health scares last year, I've realised that I really need to get my health back on track which means proper eating and sleeping patterns to help me get better and then back into a proper gym and healthy diet routine because I will have a summer beach bod (hopefully coursing through into winter too) that everyone aims for.
  4. I've seen a lot of posts on social media about a memory jar, where you put a good memory onto a bit of paper, fold it up and put it into the jar throughout the year and then on New Year's Eve, read them all and look back on the year. I've always thought it was a good idea and I want to try it.
  5. Take more risks, be more adventurous. I'm so bad at not taking enough risks even for small things and then regretting it at a later date so I have decided I'm going to start being more adventurous.
  6. Save money! I am also really bad at saving money, I always see something I like and think oh I'll just treat myself but then literally never have any money especially when my car always seems to break down. I also need to think more carefully for the future as I won't be able to fall back on student finance after this year.
  7. I plan to try and blog more this year. It was only something small I started last year after having a lecture on it but I've realised that I do actually enjoy it and it does help with my creative writing which needs developing. I won't make any promises for anything huge but I will definitely aim for at least one a week.
These are just my main goals, I do have some smaller and more personal ones but I thought I'd share the main ones. I know for a fact that I need to be more organised and plan ahead a lot more but I think that is a pretty standard goal for everyone. I also have my dissertation to concentrate on and other smaller essays so I can graduate.

Here's to 2017, I hope it creates some amazing memories and it'll be a great one!

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