Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Army Girlfriend

As I've said in previous blog posts, my boyfriend is in the Army and let me tell you one thing, it is hard.

He's currently posted 197 miles away from me at his unit, (yes I google mapped it to check), and this lasts for two years. It gets hard only seeing him most weekends especially when I work most weekends as well. It means long drives every weekend to see each other but it's definitely worth it.

Compared to previous relationships, it's easier to miss him, to think of different ideas for us to do things together when we do see each other. I look forward to seeing/speaking to him a lot more because I don't get to spend every single day with him. Although, if you've had a bad day, every thing has gone wrong or you just feel crappy, you can't go home to a cuddle, you have to make do with a phone call if you're lucky which sucks.

It definitely sucks that because I'm just a girlfriend, not a wife, the military seem to disregard me, I'm not important because they see me as just another one so if he gets deployed or anything like that, I would be the last to know EVERYTHING.

Speaking of deployment, that's ridiculous. He's going on a deployment exercise for 10 weeks in April and then 4 weeks in July where they've been told they're not aloud their phones with them, that they'll be taken off them and I literally can't do a thing about it.. Even if we can have contact, he is 5 hours behind us. He misses my 21st birthday, his brother's and mum's birthdays, he even may miss his own birthday which sucks. I guess I'm lucky because I have a holiday booked for my 21st with my best friend and I have university to concentrate on in the first 5 weeks but until I get into a graduate job, I have nothing to keep me occupied. It's going to be so hard for both of us, especially him as he's the one that has to walk away and get onto that plane with hardly anyone he knows to spend the 14 weeks with where I have my family and friends with me. This will be the longest we've been apart, he's only had to do a 3 day exercise with no contact before.

It's nerve wrecking though, sitting and waiting for a message, a phone call, anything just to hear from them to make sure they're okay. A "Hi, I love you, I'm okay" is everything in this type of relationship. We do have ideas to help us through it, and I may have acquired some additions to my wardrobe of his and I have a huge teddy he got me for valentines day to cuddle which will help.

At the end of the day, it does suck, the basic things that people take for granted in relationships are the things that we have difficulty doing but when we are together, it is so worth the wait and the distance. You learn to grow together, closer and quickly, you get more chance to travel, you appreciate each other way more and learn not to take each other for granted too. You learn to be more understanding and end up being a strong and supportive team while you're together and apart. You fall in love deeply, a lot quicker but it always means more when you're finally back together.

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