Thursday, 25 May 2017


As I've said before, I happened to be lucky enough to spend my 21st birthday in Barcelona!☀️☀️

Me and my friend were staying in Costa Brava - Calella which is about an hour away from Barcelona on the train. The train was €10 each for a return ticket which you seriously can't complain about. We got off to the train and of course, Burger King.. with us both being fussy eaters, it was easier than trying to Spanish cuisine even though I know I like the majority of it wth my grandparents living in Spain for 7 years when I was younger.

We walked all the way down La Ramba, went into some street market thing which was pretty cool and then came to the moving statues. I think I seemed to make a good friend that day, he didn't want me to leave him after we'd had a cute selfie together.

We then found the docks and found boat tours which were €15 each for a tour around the harbour, we got to see a Spanish navy ship and the full docks where all the ferries were and thought we was going to drown with how rocky the waves were D:!

After finally getting back on solid and dry land (kissing the ground as we got back to it), we decided to try and find the Sagrada Familia which we figured out was about an hours walk away so after finding the Arco de Triomf we found a bike hire just at the side of it which was €5 each for two hours! We whizzed round Barcelona and found the Sagrada Familia but it was hard to take pictures as bikes aren't aloud on the paths. We rode under the Arco de Triomf and around the park behind it and found a gorgeous water fountain there.

It was actually an amazing feeling just being able to feel the cool breeze as well a step getting sunburnt but being able to see all the tourist areas all at the same time.

I would definitely return but I'd probably take my Mum or boyfriend who love that type of thing too.

After we returned the bikes, we did what any normal 21 year old Birthday girl would do, got an alcoholic beverage and returned to our hotel to hit the Calella town🎉🎉

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